About the Author

My name is Daniel Patterson and this is very important.   Why?  So that I can be held accountable for my words.

There are too many bloggers out there these days hiding behind a veil of anonymity.  If I believe something I will say it.  If it is wrong I hope you will kindly point me in a direction of truth.

I pray that I might be truthful, fair and honest in my dealings with ideas, concepts and people.  I plan to be thorough, thoughtful and provoking in my posts.  I plug away at learning…this is my strength.

I am an Australian who is presently living in Bulgaria with my wife.  We are serving with a mission organisation called Pioneers.  I am currently undertaking postgraduate studies at The University of Nottingham in philosophy and systematic theology.  I look forward to where this will take me and my ideas.

I enjoy anything that is remotely linked to the idea of sport.  My passion is the West Coast Eagles, and even though they are struggling I believe that they are destined for great things again:)  Epic war movies, historical documentaries and Pimp My Ride are my favs.  As for food I love Pizza Shapes (an Aussie savoury biscuit, M mmm).

My education is as diverse as my shoe collection.  A Bachelor of Education in primary education.  A Masters in Education in behaviour management and education administration, and a Masters of Divinity in all things theology.  And as I mentioned above my postgraduate theology degree is on its way.




4 comments on “About the Author

  1. Michael Jensen says:

    Daniel –

    if you send me your email address, I can forward it to Kosta Milkov in Skopje.


  2. It’s a small world indeed. I recently spend several days with Kosta Milkov in Budapest. He’s definitely someone you should get in touch with.

    Loved our brief exchange at Voneshta voda. Looking forward to doing more things together in the future.

  3. Yep, I hope to see him again in the future sometime. And yes, I’ll def stay in touch!

  4. Vicky says:

    Love it Daniel!! 🙂

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