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Remembering the one who was…

KenKen Frewer was his name.

He was an oldie but a goodie.

Ask Steve Richie?

‘Pure gold!’ he’d tell you.

He was naughty by nature, and cheeky as they came.

He giggled and poked and always got a laugh.

Roast chicken was our first meal together – he cooked.

A little over done, and late.

Perhaps one explains the other – he did like to talk.

About not himself.

If the Swan River was his auditorium then the kayak was his pulpit.

He didn’t just speak as many preachers like to.

What was he praying for on January the fourth – that Sveti and Mimi would be our children, or God’s, or both?

We know.

In life he kept true to his calling.

He told me, ‘I’m home from hospital (RPH) but got a shot of platelets y’day to keep me lively over New Year.’

Pain would not be a hinderance.

As if?

He lived for the glory.

Not of himself.

And so we remember Ken how he would want.

By remembering the one who was, and is, and is to come.

Because death could not hold him down.

Until that day…


Responding to Bird and Dickson

bumpIt always amazes me!

It is not uncommon for prominent theologians to come out and show their true colours on certain issues.

But the very fact that I say ‘show their true colours’ suggests that they are finally coming to grips with and unveiling a theological no no.  And this is the impression that I got from Michael Bird  in his newly released book, Bourgeois Babes, Bossy Wives, and Bobby Haircuts: A Case for Gender Equality in Ministry (Fresh Perspectives on Women in Ministry).  It’s as though he’s coming out of the closet by telling us about his ‘conversion’ from a purely complimentarian perspective of women in ministry to something different.

That his perspective on this topic may have changed does not amaze me.  Whether I agree with him (them) or not is beside the point.  What is important is that they are faithful to Scripture and that they honestly set this out for critique and dialogue – which they have done.

What amazes me is the attack that follows.

This is the reason they had to ‘show their colours’ because they knew this would come.  I read one blog post from a certain prominent theologian who allowed their names to be treated as though they were slippery liberals who were trying to convert the masses to cultural tides rather than Biblical truths.  They were presented as fickle and immature.

We Australians know the saying well, ‘Play the ball not the man.’

It’s not a bad ground rule for the ensuing debate.

2012 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

This blog had 31,000 views in 2012.

Thanks for tuning in this year.  It has been a big year on the blogging front as the readership has grown considerably.  It has been a joy to engage with and explore some of the issues that we all face, as well as share some of my own thoughts from my own personal studies.

I hope you will return in 2013.

Cheerio and God bless,


1 Day to Christmas…

john_dickson_lo_resChristmas is often a time to deny the historicity of Jesus.

So I thought that I would post a link to a great article at the ABC website on this very topic.  In John Dickson’s article titled,  A fight they can’t win: The irreligious assault on the historicity of Jesus, Dickson looks at some brief historical sources and arguments that give good reason to believe that Jesus walked this earth.

But what is the evidence for Jesus? As Nobbs and Judge explained to Michael Cathcart, “Very early Christian sources and several non-Christian, and even hostile, sources attest to the existence of Jesus in first-century Palestine, putting his existence beyond reasonable doubt.”

Jesus is the historical reason for the season.

3 Days to Christmas…

mayanOk, so I missed a day or so…  no big deal, right?

In the wake of the non-event of the Mayan apocalypse I’ve come to appreciate John 1 all the more.  I asked myself (albeit with tongue in cheek) what if the Mayan apocalypse was the real thing?  I wasn’t ready for it.  I didn’t believe it.  I didn’t recognise it.  I would have been smoked with the rest of humanity, well, those who were as unprepared as I, by the cataclysmic events.

We didn’t believe and the result was in hindsight not that striking.

jesusI was reflecting on John 1.  We read that the Word, who we come to understand is Jesus, came and dwelt among humanity.  God became a man and walked on earth, and got stinky feet.  He got blisters too.

His contemporaries talked and argued with him, and received healing and all manner of blessings, but they  did not recognise or receive Jesus as something special, even God incarnate.

And what has changed?  Jesus is still largely unrecognised and not received.

Is this not the great news to share?  God became man and assumed the name Jesus because he would save his people from their sins.

This is the Christmas challenge.



7 Days to Christmas… A baby

NIckIt’s short and sweet.

The kinda of news that makes you happy.

Our Aussie friends Nick and Vicky who live and work in Bulgaria announced today that they are expecting a baby in July-ish.

They phrased it so well.

‘We have an announcement to make…’

Then of course there was a pregnant pause (Stop it Daniel! – Sorry, I couldn’t resist).

‘…We are going to be parents’  *Insert rapturous applause:)

This is how we receive the news of a new baby – with great joy.

And the God/baby?

Joy to the world.